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THE Skeleton and flesh Makes a BODY


The artists who have contributed to Sensistan since its opening in the fields of space design, art installations and experience

we cannot do this mADNESS without you. Come join us.

We at Sensistan provide and manage the space as well as curate the arts and installations.  It is all you, the new media artists and creatives out there, who fill Sensistan with life and create unforgettable experiences.

We need you and are excited to work with you to surprise  and sweep our audience off their feet with your installations.

Overall concept and theme: Sensistan brings for the first time to India. In short, digital playground for everyone. The space and its installations conveys the feeling of entering a magical space that is quite different from the normal outside world stiched into the story of 'Sista'.

A space to feel safe and comfortable to interact and explore. Installations invite people to explore how they perceive the world through their own heightened senses and help people to understand that everything is about perception and that there is so much to discover.

Expression of Interest - >  Video Call -> Funding  -> Arrival and Installation 


  • Tested and proven in a prior installation [to be adapted to the Indian context, where suitable]

  • Stand-alone installation with low maintenance and minimum facilitation during use

  • Resource efficiency [low cost material, re- or up-cycled material]

  • Sturdy | for 30-50 people a day trying to fiddle

  • Mobile | easy to assemble, break down, pack and ship

  • Open for installations indoor [consider humidity] and outdoor [rainy season, strong sun, etc.]

  • Multiple people can interact at same time, ideally together

  • Entertain the senses, ideally more at once

  • Essential that all installation embrace our design principles

Forms of collaboration 


A.   Installation concept and detailed blue-print [set-up by Sensistan]
B.   Installation concept, blue-print and set-up in Goa

C.  Space Design of a Room

D.  Experience Design 


  • Equipment & material for building 

  • Local and volunteer support for building

  • Introduction to network of local and international artists in Goa 


  • Artist fee for concept and rights to use in Sensistan 

  • Travel expense [return flight], accommodation 


Sensistan revolves around Tech Art and we aim to bring talent and art works to Goa, India.

We would like to collaborate with Artists visiting India wish to install

an art installation/s at Sensistan

lets connect and make it happen.

Local Artists: 

Artists shall use the Sensistan premises as your art studio to collaborate with the community.

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