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Schedule  (is growing as we invite more artists, check regularly)

Day 1 - technology art showcase

The first day of the festival showcases the beginning of cutting edge research done here in India. The community of researchers working on the intersection of technology and art: from visualizing brain waves to monitor meditation states to measuring bio-fields to forecast overall health, from new-age projection mappings to technology art installations that brewed in India is curated together at Sensistan.

Goa’s LGBTQ community is curating the fun side combining education, fashion, nature, art, love and acceptance.  A day for growth, colours and vibrancy that brings people of all regions, likes, beliefs and sexual orientations come together to light up our life on this day of the festival. 

Day 2 - performances unlimited

A day of exploration in the space.. Movement as the core of this experiment the artiest will led the audience through movement workshops in the day. Evening the space will be transformed with live performance. With the idea of living installations in the museum setting. 

A day curated by musicians, dancers and choreographer. In the workshops the participants will be guided thought composition and movement ideas to engage with the space and the people in the room. The evening is a live preperformance with dancing bodies and live music immersing themself the museum

The burning man Goa community over time and again has showed how the art community with the 10 principles that allows a social art festival to sustain on a long run and create long lasting impact. 

A night to pay gratitude all the artists, the audience to end the festival with a shabang and a Burn !

One year ago