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Jul 4 - Aug 14 2021

Sensistan, in collaboration with CUBE Gallery, invites emerging artists, architects, and design students interested in exploring the nexus of Art, Science & Technology.

During the 6 week residency, residents will be working with new media practices such as digital performances, projection mapping, interactive media, algorithmic & data-driven imagery, and emerging AI-Art practices. Residents are expected to build a finished artwork to be exhibited at the end of the residency period. 

Access to the Sensistan Lab:

Residents can experiment and build prototypes with the various resources provided by the lab such as Adruino and Raspberry modules, bio-sensors, kinect, VR toolkits, Lightform, Bare Conductive Touchboard, and projectors.


Residents are provided with learning modules introducing them to the various hardware and software tools in New Media. Residents can further seek support from the mentors in the realisation of their artworks.

Exhibition Space:

Residents will be setting up and exhibiting their finished works at CUBE gallery. 








Paid by Artist:

- Participation fee + Exhibition Space + Access to lab:  50,000 Rupees ($660)

- Living Expenses (Accomodation and Food) : 20,000 - 35,000 Rupees ($260 - $460)

Financial Assistance:

Indian Nationals: To encourage local art practioners, Sensistan provides need-based financial assistance covering upto 40% of the participation fee. Applicants should submit a letter explaining how they can benefit from the financial support as a part of the residency application.

Foreign nationals : International Artists are encouraged to apply for grants and scholarships and will be provided assistance in the application process.

Selection Process

25 May: Application Deadline 
27-28 May: Intro/Interview Calls 
30 May: First Round Candidates Intimation
10 June: Last Date for Deposit
12 June: Waitlist Candidates Intimation
24 June: Last Date for Deposit for Waitlist Candidates




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Shammi Ra Balla

Curator, Sensistan

Shammi is one of co-creators and curator of Sensistan. His interest and research in the realm of interactive art installations.  Enginerer turned artist, Shammi uses his knowledge and experience to conceptualise, collaborate, guide to work across different mediums. 


The Circus Collective intervened in Indonesia as part of Micro-galleries yearly festival 2017, in Bangladesh - Mynnamar camps with UNICEF and Codec Organizations 2018, in Cambodia through Artshram in 2015-2018 and in India through Sensistan Foundation 2019-2020.   


Sunny Singh

Curator, CUBE Gallery


Kaushik Varma

New Media Artist and Researcher

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Kaushik Varma is an artist and researcher working in the interweaving art and artificial Intelligence. His works centers around displacing newly emerging AI research from utilitarian settings into the artspace. 


He teaches New Media Art at Ashoka University and has worked as a resident artist at Sensistan and ArtScienceBLR Lab.


Tejasvi Meshram

Visual Design & Projection Mapping

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Tejasvi is the founder of pifi, a Mumbai based artist collective that works with cutting edge technology to create immersive sensory experiences.

Comprising audio-visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, animators, production designers, kinetic installation artists, coders and engineers, ours is a team that endeavors to collaborate at the synaptic interception of arts, science and technology.