Feb 1- Feb 28

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Circle Residency is an artistic experience to learn, collaborate and create together. It is an avenue to explore installation design, tech-art and network into a unique career path.  

8 Enthusiasts. 4 Mentors. 4 weeks.

Endless possibilities.

Circle Residency is a selective residency for Students, Creators, Corporates, Doers, Community Owners & Go-Get-it souls. you will be conceptualizing and executing our first interactive art installation with technology in collaboration with other residents


Why Circle Residency?

Learn TechArt

tools like Resolume, HeavyM, Touchdesigner etc.



Be part of a

growing art


Hands-on Lab with

Industry tools

Create your own Installations/art.

Showcase your

talents during

the Festival

Specially acquired tools and toys for best in class exposure 

Experience a different

side of Goa.

Network with future Artists of India


Srinivas Mangipudi

Generative visual and sonic arts

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Srinivas Mangipudi is an artist and an arts and science interdisciplinary researcher, working with drawing as a tool for collective learning, leading into various collaborative practices.


He received the Open Sessions fellowship at The Drawing Center, and Aprofundamento fellowship from Parque Lage School of Visual Arts and was awarded an artist commission by National Library of Brasil as part of artist occupation project. He was invited for Alliances & Commonalities by the Stockholm University of the Arts for an extended performance using drawing as an act of documentation and collective learning.


He works as a visual thinker and facilitator for various technology and research organizations, is a co-founder of Goa Center for Alternative Photography and an instigator of many creative experiments.

Tejasvi Meshram

Visual Design & Projection Mapping

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Tejasvi is the founder of pifi, a Mumbai based artist collective that works with cutting edge technology to create immersive sensory experiences.

Comprising audio-visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, animators, production designers, kinetic installation artists, coders and engineers, ours is a team that endeavors to collaborate at the synaptic interception of arts, science and technology.

We are committed to working in the fields of Interactive Media Arts, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and help realize an immersive world of magic, illusion and possibilities.

Shammi Ra Balla

Electronic Toys and Tools 

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Shammi is one of co-creators and curator of Sensistan. His interest and research in the realm of interactive art installations.  Enginerer turned artist, Shammi uses his knowledge and experience to conceptualise, collaborate, guide to work across different mediums. 


The Circus Collective intervened in Indonesia as part of Micro-galleries yearly festival 2017, in Bangladesh - Mynnamar camps with UNICEF and Codec Organizations 2018, in Cambodia through Artshram in 2015-2018 and in India through Sensistan Foundation 2019-2020.   


The mission from this residency is to create new work that can be displayed at the art space and brought to villages as a moving exhibit. 

Ansh kumar

Interactive media & Animation

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Ansh Kumar is an Interactive Motion Designer and an architect by education. He aims to generate a creative perspective towards human interactions humbly and playfully through a layer of digital experiences. His research is directed towards a canvas that acts as a catalyst to celebrate human traces and their implications. 

His works explore the space amidst digital and physical entities by creating a composite relationship between the void (space) and visual art. As a visual artist and spatial designer, he presents his beliefs and engages people to interact with the space and the art within.


He was a Resident Artist at Sensistan, 2020.


  • The residency has a base cost of ₹40,000 per resident towards residency fees and access to Sensistan lab with

    • Tech Art Tools: VR, Lightform, Bare Conductive, Touchboard, EEG, Projectors, Power tools, Cameras, Kinect Centres, Arduino and Raspberry
    • Lifetime membership to Onsite Lab


1. additional material is at own costs shared with collab group

2. Sta can be arranged based on our preference below

            3. Weekly meal plans can be signed up 

Circle Resident Application
Lodging and Food

For any other queries Contact:


+91 78759 41661

Selection Process

  • 14 Jan: Application Deadline 
  • 16/17 Jan: Intro/Interview Calls 
  • 18 Jan: First Round Candidates Intimation
  • 20 Jan: Last Date for Deposit
  • 22 Jan: Waitlist Candidates Intimation
  • 24 Jan: Last Date for Deposit for Waitlist Candidates

Candidates who are not selected for this residency are eligible for subsequent programs

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