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Nov 20 - Dec 23 2021

Sensistan, in collaboration with Museum Of Goa, invites emerging artists, and aspiring artists in exploring the nexus of Art, Science & Technology.

During the 4 week residency, residents will be working with new media practices such as digital performances, projection mapping, interactive media, algorithmic & data-driven imagery, and emerging AI-Art practices. Residents are expected to build a finished artwork to be exhibited at the end of the residency period. 

The selected artists will attend a talk on the histories of Goa by Dr. Subodh Kerkar and also participate in a guided tour of the Museum Of Goa.

The Interactive Art Installations created during this residency shall offer a glimpse into Goa's history and cultural landscape, including beaches, parties, music, theatre, festivities, cuisine, migration, and political invasion as the artistic expression. 


This residency is designed for:

  • technologists: mathematicians, engineers, software developers, architects, and designers

  • animators, graphic designers, painters, sculpture artists, video artists, mix´-media artists, and contemporary artists of any other discipline looking to grow and learn in the tech art space

Most excitingly, this residency is open for collaborations with corporate employees, and freelancers who are interested in learning about art and technology. You needn’t be an artist to join in collaboration – anybody looking to take a break from work and help design and execute art in collaboration with other artists who want to explore tech art is welcome to apply. 

Sensistan Lab:

Residents can experiment and build prototypes with the various resources provided by the lab such as Adruino and Raspberry modules, bio-sensors, kinect, VR toolkits, Lightform, Bare Conductive Touchboard, and projectors.


Residents are provided with learning modules introducing them to the various hardware and software tools in New Media. Residents can further seek support from mentors in the realization of their artworks.

Material for installations:

- A budget of Rs20,000 to Rs40,000 is set for the realization of each collaborative art installation based on the size and discussion with the team.


- Prototyping: All research, prototyping, and execution will be done at Sensistan Lab in Ashvem.

- Exhibition: Residents will be setting up and exhibiting their finished works at the Museum Of Goa.












- Participation fee + Exhibition Space + Access to lab + Materials + Living Expenses ( shared accommodation and Food): 

For Indian Nationals - 35,000 Rupees

For International Residents - 850 USD

To be paid by the selected artists before arrival. 

Financial Assistance for Indian Nationals:

To encourage local art practioners, Sensistan provides need-based financial assistance covering upto 50% of the participation fee for 2 students. Applicants should submit a letter explaining how they can benefit from the financial support as a part of the residency application.

-Sale of any artwork or its extension executed commercially as the result of the residency will be executed together in future and budgets shared 1/3 among the Artists, MOG and Sensistan after the costs for material. 

- The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for any artwork created during residency shall be held by the participants.

Selection and Residency Dates:

05 October: Application Opens

25 October: Application Deadline

01 November: Candidates Intimation

20 November: Residency Starts

22-23 December: Exhibition Opening Festival

23 January: Closing 




The interviews shall be held on a rolling basis,

we do encourage you to apply as early as possible.




Subodh Kerkar

Founder, Museum of Goa

Mentor, Circle Residency

Subodh is the Founding Director of Museum Of Goa (MOG) and Kerkar Art Complex in Goa. His installations have been inspired by the ocean, both metaphorically and literally while drawing attention to the socio-political issues of the sea community.


His works have been exhibited globally including Sculpture by the Sea, 2013; the India Art Fair, 2018; the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 2018 and spoken at various events at places such at Van Gogh Museum and University College London.

  • Website
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Shammi Ra Balla

Curator, Sensistan

Curator, Circle Residency

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Shammi is one of the co-creators and curator of Sensistan. His interest and research in the realm of interactive art installations.  Engineer turned artist, Shammi uses his knowledge and experience to conceptualize, collaborate, and guide to work across different mediums. 


His NGO, Circus Collective intervened in Indonesia as part of the Micro-galleries yearly festival 2017, in Bangladesh - Myanmar camps with UNICEF and Codec Organizations 2018, in Cambodia through Artshram in 2015-2018, and in India through Sensistan Foundation 2019-2020.   


Tejasvi Meshram

Visual Design & Projection Mapping

Mentor, Circle Residency

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Tejasvi is the founder of pifi, a Mumbai based artist collective that works with cutting edge technology to create immersive sensory experiences.

Comprising audio-visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, animators, production designers, kinetic installation artists, coders and engineers, ours is a team that endeavors to collaborate at the synaptic interception of arts, science and technology.


Ansh Kumar

Interactive Motion Designer

Mentor, Circle Residency

  • Website
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Ansh Kumar is an Interactive Motion Designer and and Architect by education. He aims to generate creative perspective towards human interactions humbly and playfully through layer of digital experiences. 

His works explore the space amidst digital and physical entities by creating a composite relationship between the void (space) and visual art. As a visual artist and spatial designer, he presents his beliefs and engages people to interact with the space and the art within.


Sarfaraz Faras

3D & Animation Artist

Mentor, Circle Residency

  • Website

Surfaraz Faras, as friends call him Saif is resident of Pune. Starting from animation to 3D design and 3D printing for last 10 years and currently exploring VR content.

Saif has created the famous Sista face sculptor at Sensistan Museum and has supported budding artists in shaping ideas and opportunities.


Kaushik Varma

New Media Artist and Researcher

Mentor, Circle Residency

  • Website
  • Instagram

Kaushik Varma is an artist and researcher working in the interweaving art and artificial Intelligence. His works centers around displacing newly emerging AI research from utilitarian settings into the artspace. 


He teaches New Media Art at Ashoka University and has worked as a resident artist at Sensistan and ArtScienceBLR Lab.


Shivani Prajapati


Project Manager, Circle Residency

Shivani is a fresh Architecture graduate from CEPT University, has newly stepped in the interactive art world.


She was a part of the first Circle Residency and has co-created the Soma installation along with Kaushik Varma.

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