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Circle Residency 3

16th January - 9th March 2024

New Media Arts Certification Program

Unlock the synergy between creativity and technology in our certification program, led by seasoned industry professionals. This program is meticulously crafted to equip you for a future brimming with possibilities in the realm of New Media Art.

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About Program 

Project Module

Eligibility Criteria

Application Process


Associative Partners


About the Program

An 8-week in-house Residency Certification Program is a one-of-a-kind immersive learning and experimenting platform under expert guidance for you to delve into New Media Art, specially designed for multi-disciplinary collaborations.

- If you are wondering how to introduce tech in your art practice,
- If you want to build a career in the future of entertainment
- If you are planning to do a Master's in New Media or Technology
- If you are looking to find your partner to start a media/marketing company, this residency is designed keeping the factors in mind.

Wondering how to introduce tech in your art practice? Circle 3 Residency, is a New Media Arts Certification Program to elevate your art practice with technology as a tool. Collaborate across disciplines to conceptualize and build captivating immersive art installations and participatory experiences.

● Architects
● Designers
● Technologists
● new-gen filmmakers
● artists and creatives from diverse backgrounds.

Whether you're forging a career in new media arts or seeking a testing ground for immersive experiences, this program is your creative haven. Connect with like-minded individuals, explore new media art areas, and build together. Learning through the experiences of partners and past installations. Collaborate, learn, and bring your creative visions to life in the inspiring space at Bangalore Creative Circus, Mentorship by Craft Tech 360.

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In the final month, bring your creativity to the forefront by presenting your masterpiece in our dedicated exhibition space.

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This isn't just a chance to create; it's an opportunity to spotlight your unique vision. Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey!

Project Module

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Across an 8-week journey, participants will explore cutting-edge new media techniques, encompassing digital performances, projection mapping, interactive media, algorithmic and data-driven visuals, as well as the latest AI-Art innovations.

The program comprehensively covers various industry aspects, allowing individuals to leverage their accumulated expertise while collaborating with peers from diverse backgrounds in real-world settings.

Hands on Exploration:

Attendees can engage in hands-on experimentation and prototype development utilising an extensive array of cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Learning Module :

The program aims to enhance your artistic practice by leveraging technology as a tool, fostering peer-to-peer learning and the integration of skills from diverse domains, among participants from diverse backgrounds.

Guided mentorship will be provided to support specific key tech areas.

Our program includes structured learning modules that provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the various hardware and software tools in the New Media field.



- Arduino and Raspberry modules

- Bare Conductive Touchboard

- Bio-sensors, Lightform

- Infrared cameras, 3d Camera

- LeapMotion, Lidar, EEG

- Artnet, DMX, Addressable LEDs

- AI, AR/VR, Projection Mapping

- Resolume

- Touch Designer

- Unity

- Python, three js

- Web, max8

- Madmapper

- Notch


Hand - On Exploration

Attendees can engage in hands-on experimentation and prototype development utilizing an extensive array of cutting-edge tools and technologies. 

Learning Module

Our program includes structured learning modules that provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the various hardware and software tools in the New Media field

Mentor Support

Participants can access experienced mentors who are available to guide and support them in realizing their technological and artistic projects.

Application Process

04 Dec:   Application Opens

02 Jan:    Application Deadline

08 Jan:    Candidates Announcement 

16 Jan:    Residency Starts

09 Mar:    Residency  Closes & Exhibition        Opening (Event)

Application Deadline

Rolling selection. *Limited seats of 20 Participants*.

Thus, applications are encouraged to apply as early as possible.  The final application deadline for the program is January 02nd

Presence in Bangalore for at least two months, While accommodation isn't provided for every participant.

NOTE: Specific arrangements can be facilitated in cases where participants are traveling from distant locations. We aim to assist in ensuring a comfortable stay during the program duration.

Eligibility Criteria

Whether you're a practising artist or someone aspiring to create immersive multi-sensorial, or interactive installations, or even looking to transform your technical expertise into an artistic masterpiece, this program welcomes you.


Embrace the chance to experiment and develop your original ideas over two months, co-learning with mentors and fellow participants. Additionally, you'll have a dedicated month to showcase your work through a public installation.

Having a technical background is advantageous, but not required.

Is there an online mode of participation for the residency?
NO, While a few events will be broadcasted online, the program primarily emphasises in-person participation. To maximise the benefits and engagement, being physically present in Bangalore is essential. The immersive nature of the program is best experienced through on-site involvement.


Participants are required to pay fees for the certification program, as follows:

Indian Nationals: 70,000 Rupees.
International Residents: 1,000 USD.

To secure your spot, 50% of the fees must be paid upon selection, with the remaining 50% due before the first day of the program. This structure ensures a commitment to the program and allows for smoother financial planning.

Financial Aid

If you require financial assistance, please inform the recruiting team when they reach out to you after you fill out the form. We are committed to supporting participants based on their individual cases, and our team will work with you to explore potential avenues for financial aid to ensure that this transformative experience is accessible to a diverse range of individuals.

Apply Now!
we will reach out to you.

Working with the Best Partners & Collaborators 

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Associative Partners

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The opportunities in new media art are in plenty globally and many companies including our partners and associative partners constantly look for fresh talent to bring them on board full-time or project basis. 


- Experiential Marketing

- Event Design and Production

- Theme Parks and Entertainment

- Art Galleries and Festivals 

- Collaborations with other artists

Live Experiences and Events


- Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR)

- Gaming Industry

- Virtual Events and Conferences

- Tech Companies and Startup

Digital and Virtual Experiences


- Architectural Integration

- Themed Retail Environments

- Spatial Design for Retail and Exhibitions

Spatial and Architectural Integration


- Interactive Installations 

- Museum and Exhibition Design

- Digital Health and Wellness

Interactive Installations

Sensistan Foundation (CIN : U92419GA2019NLP013928) is a section 8 company (license number 114586), a not-for-profit organization promoting new media art in India to prepare the generation next for the opportunities of the future. Your fees/sponsorships are tax deductible under 80G and 12A of IT Act.  
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